Baseball Bump Cap

                        The MPS Centurion Classic Baseball Bump Cap adds a lightweight internal ABS shell to a stylish cotton baseball cap. Not only is it easier to wear than plastic hard hats, but a padded interior makes it more comfortable. Added features include oversized ventilation holes for air flow, and a quick-adjust velcro strap with tuck-in slit for custom adjustment.

                        A lightweight insert of formed, durable ABS ensures security and total comfort.

                        Molded for shaping to individual preference, and reduced in length for increased upward visibility.

                        CROWN PAD
                        An internal shock absorbing crown pad is fitted for optimal impact resistance and comfort.

                        Certain environments do not require formal hard hats, but sometimes head protection is recommended or desired. The baseball Bump Cap is ideal in these situations.

                        Features & Specifications:

                        Standard Colors

                        Navy Blue, Black

                        Cap Material: 95% Cotton, 5% Lycra
                        Insert: ABS with foam pad

                        Oversized Vent Holes with Mesh Grills

                        Strap Adjustment with Hook and Loop Fastener

                        6.3 ounces

                        High-Quality Embroidery and Printing Available

                        Tested to EN812 European Standard


                        The Baseball Bump Cap offers protection from minor bumps or scrapes to the head, and is not designed to be used as an industrial safety helmet. For industrial protection, check out our Hard Hats here.

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