Head & Respiratory Protection

                        Hard Hats

                        The most common hard hats used today were designed before the moon landing. A lot has changed since then. Our hard hats are designed for performance and comfort, with 6-point height-adjustable suspensions, Twist2Fit Ratchet headbands, Dry-Tech sweatbands, and well-balanced designs.


                        lightweight, comfortable hard hat


                        modern, modular helmet

                        Vision Plus

                        hard hat with integrated, retractable visor


                        hard hat with integrated, retractable glassses

                        S22 High-Temp

                        hard hat for use in extreme environments


                        hard hat that’s low in cost, not in features

                        Contour Face Protection System

                        a more compact and effective alternative to standard face shields.

                        Kalis Dry Cooling Helmet Pad

                        advanced cooling through advanced technology

                        Head Protection Accessories

                        hearing protection, safety glasses, face shields, chinstraps, and more

                        Baseball Bump Caps

                        We offer four comfortable, attractive Baseball Bump Caps for protection against bumps, scrapes, and lacerations. They’re ideal for use in areas where hard hats are not required, but some light-duty protection is needed. Although there is no ANSI standard for bump caps, all of our Baseball Bump Caps are tested to the EN812 European standard.


                        breathable, lightweight baseball bump cap

                        AirPro Secure Plus

                        the next step in cap protection systems


                        simple, quality baseball bump cap


                        ventilated, comfortable baseball bump cap


                        For a range of respiratory requirements, we offer the compact, comfortable P100 Elipse Respirator, along with the comfortable, economical Magnum powered respirator.


                        compact, comfortable P100 respirator


                        comfortable, economical PAPR powered respirator

                        PureFlo 3000 PAPR

                        all-in-one powered respirator

                        Why Centurion?

                        Centurion has been manufacturing head protection since World War I, and they continue to make innovation and comfort their keys to setting themselves apart. Instead of the commonly used HDPE plastic, Centurion uses premium, virgin ABS in most of their range, allowing for lighter hard hats and bump caps, yet stronger, more rigid, and more resistant to heat and chemicals. Centurion pioneered integrating eye protection into their hard hats. This streamlines PPE selection and keeps costs in check. Attaching your eye protection to your hard hat means it won’t slip when you sweat, and pressure on your nose and ears is eliminated. Most importantly, your helmet shell absorbs any impacts instead of your face. All Centurion hard hats are compatible with 4-point chinstraps for added security, especially while working at height or in confined spaces.

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